Routing your Net Promoter Follow Ups to Team Roles

This tutorial covers setting up a Net Promoter survey at  Previously we covered creating your Net Promoter Team and also setting up a Net Promoter survey.  If you’re new to this process I highly recommend that you read that and the earlier parts of the tutorial before continuing.

At the end of the last tutorial we created a typical Net Promoter question but there was some extra work to do before it will work properly after launching your survey.  This short addition covers enabling the Net Promoter element which will allow you and your team members to enter follow ups to responses for this question.

Enable the Net Promoter Function

First browse to the question we created previously (if you’ve browsed away since the end of the last tutorial).  To do this, navigate to the Questions tab, and then click Edit underneath the Net Promoter question.  Then navigate to the Net Promoter tab as shown below:


Enabling Net Promoter


Enabling Net Promoter means that responses to this question will generate follow up prompts which will then appear on the Surveyi home page of members of your team.  Email notifications can also be created, which will be covered in a later tutorial.  Remember that Net Promoter only works for Tracker response groups.

Once responses to your survey start appearing, a Net Promoter follow up prompt will be generated for each.  Net Promoter prompts can then be actioned by members of your assigned Net Promoter team.  If you have multiple teams, the routing option will appear as per the screen shot above.  Otherwise, that option won’t exist.  Each survey can be assigned one Net Promoter team.  If you have multiple team members working on different surveys, they can be assigned to multiple teams by following our Net Promoter Team guide.  If you have multiple teams, the sharing tab for this survey will show all of the Net Promoter teams assigned to your user account.  Changing the team will also change the user roles available for routing on the Net Promoter question tab if they’re different for different teams.

Categorising Responses


By default, the minimum scores given are typical scores assigned by most Net Promoter operators.  Should you wish to change the score to something else, simply change the values.  Remember that the values for a Promoter must be higher than those for a passive.  There is no minimum score for a detractor, because that would always be the lowest category available.

Routing to a User Role


This option only appears if you have teams defined with at least one team role.  All prompts are routed to your own user account (as the Net Promoter master user).  Use these options to route notifications to your team members in addition to yourself.  Leaving them un-ticked will result in none of your team seeing any follow up prompts, and so this is an important step.  You may not wish to route all prompts to all team members, because certain responses (such as detractors) may be more suitable for a team leader to view and respond to.  Promoter responses may require a follow up from your sales staff, and so only users from your team with that role may benefit from seeing the prompts.

These routing options also control which of your team members get email notifications, which is something we’ll cover in our later tutorial.

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