Quickly Send to New Contacts Only with Filtering

When sending your survey invitations, a common scenario might be to add new invitations to an existing invitation list on your Surveyi Track and Send page.  Once you’ve added your new invitations, rather than manually finding and sending to each new invitation in your list, the quickest and easiest way to send out invitation emails to only the new contacts (which haven’t had any invitation emails distributed yet) is to use filtering.  This is a quick guide on both ways of sending.

Sending to Small Numbers of New Contacts


In the above example, we’ve just added two new contacts (marked with red arrows) after we’ve already sent out invitations to this entire response group.  As you can see, they have an Invite count of 0 (Inv), and the Last Sent date is blank.  If there are only a few invitations as in this example, and they’re on the right page in front of us, the quickest way to send out invitations might be to tick the boxes on the left most column for each, and then select Only selected invitees above when sending.


Sending to Large Numbers of New Contacts

When you have a larger number of contacts to send to, it becomes impractical to manually select each one as going through the list.  You could sort the list on the Inv column which would make it quicker, but it’s still not the best approach.  The quickest and easiest way to send to larger numbers of contacts is to use Response Filtering.  This will let you filter out the contacts you’ve already sent to, and then you’ll be able to use the Only invitees in the above result set option to send to all of your contacts in one go.  This will work even if there are multiple pages of contacts.

To begin, click the small button next to Filter Results near the top of the Track and Send page.  This will expand the filtering pane, which will show all of the filters active for this response group:


At the moment it doesn’t show any filters but to add one, click Filter Responses.


For Filter responses by, select Invitations sent, and then ensure that the Criteria and set to Equal to and the Invitations field is set to 0.  Once we click Save, our invitation list will only show invitations that haven’t yet been distributed:


Also, if we check our filter pane, it’ll now show our newly added filter.  You can add up to 5 filters to further narrow down your results if you wish, and these can be based on anything, including contact fields such as all (or part) of an email address.  An email address filter is very useful when searching for invitations in a very large invitation list.


Finally, to distribute to only the contacts showing in the results, select the Only invitees in the above result set option.  One click of Send Invitations will send your messages to each of your contacts in the filtered result set, even if it spans multiple pages.  Your filters will remain, and would be visible to other users if you’ve shared your surveys, so if you no longer need it then it’s always best to remove (or deselect) it when you’re finished.


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