Entering Net Promoter Follow-up Information at Surveyi

Firstly, welcome to Surveyi.  You’re probably reading this because you’ve been asked to enter Net Promoter follow-up information into Surveyi by a member of your organisation who coordinates Net Promoter feedback.  This is a short guide demonstrating exactly what you’ll need to do.

Step 1 – Verify your Surveyi Account

Before you begin entering follow-up information at Surveyi, your Net Promoter coordinator may add you to a Surveyi Net Promoter team.  If you have a Surveyi account already, you would have already verified it and won’t need to do this step.  If you don’t have a Surveyi account, a new Net Promoter follow-up account will be created for you automatically when your NP coordinator adds you to their team.

You’ll receive a verification email as follows:


To validate your account,  click the validation link in the message:


This link opens a page which will display a verification message and sign you in.  Clicking the Homepage button will take to your main user home page (also accessible via My Surveyi at the top of the page), but you will first need to review the Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.  If you’re happy with those, click Continue to advance to the home page.

If you’ve lost your welcome email, your Net Promoter coordinator can send you another from their Team Management page.

Your Username and Password

Your Net Promoter coordinator will choose your username and password if you don’t already have a Surveyi account.  The logon details are included in your welcome email, however you can request logon details if you need them by following these steps:

  1. Sign out of Surveyi on the top right, if you’re logged in after validation.
  2. Click Sign in.
  3. Click Forgot username and or password.
  4. Enter your email address and click Send Reminder.

You should receive an email within a few minutes containing your logon details.  We suggest changing your password to something memorable for you.  To change your password, click My Surveyi, and then Profile.

Step 2 – Checking your Net Promoter Prompts

Your My Surveyi page (or user home page) is the main entry point for every Surveyi user.  Your Surveyi account has all of the privileges of a Free account package (including creating surveys), but with the added options of being a Net Promoter team member.  Unless you need to create your own surveys, you can ignore everything on the page except for the Net Promoter Prompts area:


This is always where you can get the most up to date list of prompts.  There may already be prompts waiting to be actioned by your team, which will be shown in the count on the right side of the Prompts for My Teams button.  You may also receive NP prompts assigned directly to you as an individual rather than to your team.  If you have individual prompts assigned to you, the Prompts for Me button will appear:


An NP prompt may be assigned to both a team and an individual, in which case the same prompt can be accessed via either button.

Step 3 – Entering Follow-up Information

Click on the Prompts for My Teams button to bring up a list of the prompts waiting for action:


The page is split into two areas:

  • Prompts Needing Action
  • Prompts Recently Completed

As you complete prompts in the top list, they move down to the bottom.  Prompts will only move to the bottom once they’re marked as complete by a member of your NP team.  To enter a follow-up, click on the contact email address for the relevant contact in the Action column of the Needing Action list.  This brings up a Closed Loop Notes page where you can enter the follow-up information.

The Closed Loop Notes page shows a list of responses to follow up.  Each response is contained in a box like this:


The very first thing you need to do if you’re looking at a prompt is to click the In Progress button.  This will do two things:

  • Check that nobody else has clicked In Progress for this response since the page loaded (they don’t update automatically).
  • Let others on your team know that you’re looking at this response and that the status has changed since the page loaded.

This is very important if you’re working with other team members and will stop situations where the same respondent might be contacted twice about the same survey response by different team members.  When you click In Progress, notice the Status change near the left side of the box.

Your NP coordinator might have specified different prompt texts for different surveys and different categories of response (detractor, passive, promoter) and if so, an action will be shown at the bottom of the response box as in the example.  Answers to every question will be shown in this box, including any comments added by the respondent.

To enter your follow-up, click ExpandButton to expand the notes section.  Enter your follow-up information in the Add a new note box and then click Add Note below.  Once the note has been stored, it appears above the adding new note box:


When there are no longer any actions for this response and contact, click the Complete button at the top.  The status will change to complete, and this response will move to the Previous Prompt History area of the page.  At this point, the prompt will also move to the Prompts Recently Completed area of the Prompts for My Teams page.

That’s a basic summary of how to enter a follow-up.  There are also buttons for:

  • Viewing the response on the original survey or exporting it in PDF or CSV formats (top right).
  • Deleting a note (red cross to the right of each note).
  • Changing the contact information (near the top of the page).

Email Notifications


Your NP coordinator can set up email response notifications.  They may choose to send you a new notification email for every response received, or you may receive a new one only when there are a certain number of prompts in a waiting state.  If you’re getting too many notification emails, you need to make contact with your NP coordinator to adjust these settings, which they can do on the Email Alerts area of their survey responses page.

Each email notification contains a count of the prompts waiting (at the time the email was sent), and the same quick link to your My Surveyi page.  As each email is the same, you should ignore all but the latest message if you have a number to work through.


If you run into difficulties using Surveyi, feel free to contact us.  We’re always happy to help and improve our product!

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