Launch your Survey and Configure Net Promoter Follow Up Notifications

This tutorial series covers creating and launching a Net Promoter survey using  This follows on from our previous tutorial about routing responses for different roles within your team, which I recommend you read (along with the tutorials which precede that).

Now we’ve created our Net Promoter survey and added and configured a suitable question.  The next step is to launch the survey, and configure the Net Promoter email notifications if you would like to.

Launch your Survey


Launching your survey means that you can no longer add or remove questions, although you can edit the wording and question configuration.  You can always reset your survey later if you need to make any major changes, but doing so will remove your survey responses.  To launch your survey, edit your survey from My Surveys and click the Launch tab as shown above.  Then click the Launch button to unlock the response analysis options:


Notice that you now have two new options to the left of the questions tab.  These options are for viewing and exporting your responses.  The Reports option is for viewing summaries and charts, while the Responses option is for viewing and exporting the individual answers.

Configuring Net Promoter Follow Up Notifications

When you’ve sent out your email invitations (covered in the next tutorial), you should start receiving responses.  This step is optional and is only necessary if you’d like to receive email notifications regarding any Net Promoter follow up prompts which need completing.  When configured, each response requiring a follow up will add to your follow up count, and you (and your team) will receive a message stating the total number of follow ups requiring action (at that time), and a link to access the follow up entry system.

To configure the notifications, click the Responses tab.  From there, click the Email Alerts button:


Usually the Email Alerts page only shows options for standard response notifications, which are general email alerts per response, and don’t contain any follow up information or links.  If you have Net Promoter master account then you’ll see the Net Promoter options at the top of the page, with the standard response email options below.  You can set up both if you like, but to configure the Net Promoter settings all you need to do is tick the option as per below:


Once that’s done, click the Save button, and then you’ll need to set up your survey invitations to begin collecting data.

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