Defining your Net Promoter Teams

When using the Survey Net Promoter system, it is likely that you’ll want to work with a team of colleagues with whom you’ll collaborate when collecting follow up information. Setting up a team is completely optional so if you intend to work alone you don’t need to follow this guide. If you’re not sure, you can set up teams after you’ve launched your Net Promoter surveys, however the setup is simpler if done in advance.

Why Create a Team?

While it is possible for multiple people to access Surveyi with the same account details, there are several advantages to setting up individual user accounts for your team members:

  • All follow up comments are time stamped with a username and time of the comment for auditing purposes.
  • You can route different Net Promoter response types to different user roles, so that only the most relevant people are allocated follow ups for detractors, passives and promoters.
  • Avoid burdening certain team roles with potentially angry respondents
  • Track how much follow up work each of your team members has been doing.

Creating your Team

To set up your team, you first need to gather the name and email address of each person who you’d like to be able to view your follow up information. Members of your team don’t need to be a member of Surveyi already, and if they are then their existing account will be added to your team. Team members can be members of multiple teams at the same time to allow for overlap of roles and responsibilities.

To begin creating your team, click the Manage Teams icon on your My Surveys page:

Then click the button to create a team:


Choose a name for your team and click Save:


Adding Roles to a Team

Choose the roles within your team.  Each team member is allocated a role.  All of the roles within your team will then be available to route response types (detractor, passive or promoter) for your Net Promoter questions.  You may want to managers to see all responses, while your call centre operatives might only need to see the promoter responses for example.

Enter your first role and click Add.


Repeat this process until all of the roles you need are in place.  Remember that you can add more later if you need to.

Adding Team Members

The next step is to add members to your team.  You can add anyone you like, as long as you have their email address.  To add someone to your team, enter their email address into the box provided, and click Check Status to see if they’re already a Surveyi user or not:


At this point, if the email address entered doesn’t have a Surveyi account, you can enter the details of your new team member into the information box provided.  Choose a team role for your user based on the roles you entered earlier in this guide.  To add the new team member, click the Add button:


When you click Add, a new Surveyi account will be created, and information to continue the registration process will be automatically (immediately) sent to your new team member.  All they’ll need to do is click on the validation link provided in their welcome email, and they’ll then be able to receive notifications about any prompts routed to their role.  You can track whether they’ve validated their account yet on this page, which contains a list of users in your team along with details for each, including account validation status.

If your new team member already has a Surveyi account, all you need to do is choose a role for them and click Add.

What can a Net Promoter Surveyi Account do?

Your own Net Promoter account from which the teams are created is known as a Master Net Promoter account.  It is the only account through which you can manage your teams and set up your Net Promoter surveys.  Any users you create are identical in permissions to a free Surveyi account, except that they can access your Net Promoter follow up prompts.  These Net Promoter accounts have an extra option on the My Surveys area, the same as yours which allows them to access any prompts allocated to them:


Net Promoter team member accounts can also receive notifications which you set up via response notifications.  If they would like to create their own surveys for example, they can do so too.

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