Creating a Net Promoter Survey

Surveyi has facilities for creating surveys with special Net Promoter formatted questions, allowing you and your team to collect and enter follow ups to your survey questions.  The first part of our Net Promoter tutorial covers creating and defining your Net Promoter teams before creating your surveys.  I recommend that you read that part of the tutorial before continuing.

How is a Net Promoter Survey Different?

Net Promoter surveys are just the same as normal surveys, except that they contain a Net Promoter question.  This question would typically be in the following format: NetPromoterSampleQuestion The question is usually similar to the question above except that it might involve your organisation name, or vary slightly.  Your respondents are more likely to answer these questions because they take very little time to answer, and say a lot about what your customer is thinking.  Consequently, most Net Promoter surveys only include one question.  The answer to this question is categorised by Surveyi into one of three categories based on the number answer:

  • Detractor – A negative response.
  • Passive
  • Promoter – A positive response.

Those following Net Promoter methods will typically follow up responses for Detractors and Promoters depending on the situation and motivation for response collection.  We’re not going to discuss what you do with your responses in this post, but go into the details of how to set up a Net Promoter question and categorise your responses.

Create your Survey

You can begin by creating a survey in the same way you would for any survey at Surveyi: CreateSurvey Choose any name you like for your survey: NetPromoterSurveyName

Add your Net Promoter Question

Click on the Questions tab, and then click Add Question: NetPromoterAddQuestion This will be a Multiple Choice question type, so select that from the Question Type list, and then click Apply. NetPromoterQuestionType

Enter the text for your question.  This can be anything you like: NetPromoterQuestionText

Enter the choices for your question.  These should be choice 0 through to 10.  Enter them with one on each line, as shown below (except keep going to 10): NetPromoterQuestionChoices

On the Comment tab, enter the text to prompt your respondent for the explanation to their answer: NetPromoterQuestionComment

Next change the Button/Checkbox orientation of your question to Horizontal, and the Legend Labels to your chosen text: NetPromoterQuestionLayout2

The Survey system uses a scoring option to categorise the response rather than the values you entered on the choices tab.  This is done so that you can change the question to a different type or layout if you wish.  Click the Update Preview button to refresh the preview below.  It should now look like the Net Promoter question shown at the top of this page.  The update preview button also refreshes the scoring options to match the choices you entered previously.  Enter the scores as follows: NetPromoterScoring

There’s one last thing we need to do before this question becomes a full Net Promoter question, which is to enable the Net Promoter option, and set up routing to each of your team members.  That’s covered in a short extension to this tutorial – Routing your Net Promoter Follow Ups to Team Roles.

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