Surveyi News July 2014

Welcome to the First Surveyi Newsletter!

Surveyi has been running for just over a year now, and although we’re relatively new to the online web surveys arena, we’re learning fast.  Our customer base is building quickly and so are the suggestions for new features.  Thanks to your suggestions we’ve had a complete site redesign and added several key features (explain later in this message).  We’ve also been monitoring the performance as we’ve been going along to ensure things run smoothly as our user base has expanded.

Surveyi Blog


Some of you might be reading this on our new blog, and some via our email newsletter.  Going forward we plan to blog about tips for good survey design, useful tools, and how to use our toolset to its full potential.  Stay tuned for more information.

New Features

We now have a host of new features which have all been built upon the requests of our users.  One of the benefits of being a member of Surveyi is that you can have a say in how Surveyi works and what it does, and our members are currently enjoying these benefits.  Read on for defails of some of the new features added:



Improved Interface – We’ve streamlined the process of designing a survey, and in doing so we’ve greatly simplified the tasks involved.  We now have a tab based survey designer which we think is much easier to follow than our previous clunky design.



Survey Access Codes – You can now generate a list of access codes, or import your own codes.  If you’ve enabled this for your response groups, your respondents must enter an access code before they can begin answering questions.  Each code can only be used once to access surveys, and respondents can also use them to continue surveys where they’ve left off if they’re half way through a survey.



Anonymous Response Groups – This new option applies to email tracker response groups, and when selected it hides any information related to each response (such as the response time) which might link responses to an individual.  You can still see who’s responded or not so you can issue reminders where applicable but you now ensure anonymity for your respondents, and hopefully get more accurate feedback as a result.



Advanced Branching – We’ve expanded our options for showing or hiding questions based on the answers to previous questions.  You can now select multiple elements of a multiple choice question to trigger the appearance of later questions, and even choose to show or hide individual rows of a table (matrix) question type.



Social Network Integration – We were a bit late to the party with this one, but you can now place social network icons for Twitter and Facebook on your surveys which will hopefully help your respondent list grow naturally.



CSV Export with Custom Reporting Output – This is our newest feature and also one of our most popular requests.  We’ll publish more information on custom reporting along with tutorials on how it can work for you.  Our existing CSV (Excel compatible) exports let you choose questions or responses to export in a fixed format.  While this is useful, you might only be interested in specific fields of data.  When used alongside our filtering features this is a good time saving feature.  For example, one of your survey questions asks for a respondent’s address, and another question asks whether they would mind you contacting them to discuss their response.  You could filter down to only those respondents who wouldn’t mind you contacting them, and then simply select which fields of their address you’d like in your export.

Other Changes

We’re shortly planning to remove the CSV export function for free accounts due to the resources required to generate the exports within the next week.  Currently new users with Surveyi free accounts are not being given the CSV export function, however those who have it already will be able to use it for the next week until the 9th of July.  For those who’d like to keep their existing export functionality, feel free to use discount code JULY6321 for a lifetime 20% discount on any paid account of your choice.  This code expires at the end of July.

Well, that just about wraps it up for this newsletter.  Thanks for reading, and don’t forget that if you’d like more updates, please follow us using your preferred social media platform.

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